I will also be doing photo shoots and photography sessions to help fundraise my trip.

Costs for any and all shoots will be $45 for a 1 hour shoot (at the location of your choice), a photo CD of all your photos and editing of 100 photos of your choice.

I have shot engagement photos, headshots and portraits but am also open to getting creative and helping to bring your vision to life!


Here are some shots I did for a spread in BLVD magazine…



These are also BLVD pictures but with more headshot-like quality


I can also do family/friend portraits and group shots.  The cost is not per person, just per hour!


If you or someone you know is looking for engagement photos I shot my brother and his fiance’s earlier in the semester.  These are just a few.


I can edit them in a lot of different ways, depending on the feel you  are looking for.


Here are some ‘Save the Date’ templates I designed for them.


I can also do some standard headshots for all of my super famous, talented actor and singer friends — thank you Eva Boehnke for your beautiful face.


Or, if you just wanna get a few photos of your and your friends goofing’ off I’d be glad to tag a long and help your memories last!



So, e-mail me or leave a comment and we will get to it.  For everyone who is graduating, you know that you and your friends are going to need some grad pictures – don’t forget about me!!


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