Head/Hair Accessories

I specialize in making custom headbands, hair clips and crocheted hats, headbands and ear warmers.

All colors can be requested for ear warmers as well as if you would like a button and/or flower add on.

You can choose from the 2 different flower styles on the hair clips and specify whether you would like an alligator chip or a bobby pin.  Also for headband whether you prefer an elastic headband or a stiff plastic one.



Check out some of the RED AND BLACK GAMEDAY BOWS, all you Georgia Fans!


Above: Laini wearing the flower that is attached to an elastic headband.                           Below: Laini wearing the same style flower but in clip form


You can also specify if you want it bigger or smaller, as some people (especially if you are buying it for a youngin’) do not like the big look.


All hair bands and clips are donation based – no donation is too small (or too big!)



Laini, wearing the crocheted headband 2 different ways. Flower and button accessories also available (see photo).

Braided hippie headband – all colors


Crocheted beanies (sorry for the pink, boys) available in all colors (stripes optional) and with or without a pom-pom.


2 Responses to Head/Hair Accessories

  1. Hailey R. Hall says:

    Hey Julianne! What a great idea for a fundraiser! I’ll definitely pass this along. You’ll be hearing from me about an order soon. 🙂

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