Hey Guys!!! So…

Hey Guys!!! 

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while – I have been too busy making more crafts 🙂

Here are some new pictures of some things I have done.  Cambodia is only 6 weeks away and I am still trying to raise about $700 more dollars so tell your friends if they need any homemade, love-filled presents to place and order!!


I made this crayon-melt for my friend, Stephanie!


You maybe can’t tell yet, but this is a t-shirt rug that I am making for my friend as a surprise 🙂  Yay for affordable, sustainable crafts!!!

Thanks again for all your support so far!  We have been having pre-trip meeting every Sunday night and I am getting SO EXCITED for our trip!

Last night, Grace, an intern with The Bethany Project came and talked about her experiences working with the girls from Toppers and Fantasy World and she gave us a lot of helpful feedback about what we should prepare for going into the brothels in Phnom Penh.  It was hard and heartbreaking to hear, but only because it is the reality for so many places of the world – including Atlanta.

Love you all SO MUCH!  Thanks for your continued love and support!


About craftsforcambodia

I am a junior Linguistics and German major at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. I am passionate about creating something from nothing, celebrating people and making the most of my time on earth. I love traveling, languages, reading and being outside. I don't really like showering.
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